1953/54 Gibson Les Paul GA-40 Guitar Amp W/Orig. Foot Switch, Cover & Manual

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1953/54 Gibson Les Paul GA-40 1st Version Guitar Amp W/Orig. Foot Switch, Cover & Instruction Manual

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 For your viewing enjoyment, we offer this somewhat rare item that made its way into our shop at the beginning of this year. Man, were we ever excited when this baby came through our door! This is a VINTAGE 1953/1954 Gibson Les Paul GA-40 1st Version Guitar Combo Amplifier with Original Foot Switch, Cover & Instruction Manual. We just received her back from our audio technician's shop & man oh man, is she ever ready to be loved & played by her new 3rd owner. This was purchased from the estate of the original owner, whom we were told had not fired her up in more than 20 years. This amp comes with the original amp cover, foot switch and original instruction manual. The original 12"  Jensen AlNiCo 5 - PM Concert Series speaker is still in great shape & is fully broken in sonically. The serial number on the control panel is # 52042. If you wish, you can perform your own research and also come on by to try this out in person to hear why there is so much love for 1950's Gibson tube amps. Even with my lousy hearing, these amps sound better than just about any other 14 watt amp that you would wish to compare to it. What a fantastic find of an almost 70 year piece of vintage Gibson musical history!

 This is the 1st version ~ pushing 14 watts of all tube tones thru an original AlNiCo Jensen 12" speaker, with an 8 tube chassis consisting of 3 X 6SJ7, 1 X 6SN7, and 1 6V6 in the pre-amp stage, and 2 X 6V6 and 1 5V4 (rectifier) tubes in the power stage.
   Amp has 2 channels, one with tremolo, and features a top, rear mounted control panel having 4 inputs(3 for instruments, & 1 for microphone), 4 black chicken head knobs(Channel 1 volume, channel 2 volume, tone, & tremolo.
   Cosmetically, amp is covered in its original 2 tone brown covering with rectangular basket weave grill cloth with large "LP" letters incorporated across the front of the  metal grill. The covering is marked "LES PAUL MODEL" in a script font type signature facsimile of Mr. Lester William Polsfuss' (Les Paul)  hand written signature to the immediate upper right of the centrally mounted metal grill.  Its possible that the leather handle is not original, as to my eye it sure looks like a handle from 1 1950's piece of luggage, but its difficult to find ample pix of the original handle for comparison. No biggy (SMALLS), as the handle functions very well & looks like it belongs. Also included in this offering is the original, re-wired foot switch(hard wired directly into the amp chassis), original padded travel amp cover, & even the original Gibson instruction manual! So complete this incredible find is!
   Amplifier measures 22" wide X 15.5" high X 7" to 8" deep, & total weight is approx 26 lbs.
A total of 3,261 of these were shipped by Gibson & were manufactured between 1952 & 1954, to accompany their new Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top electric guitar.
 This amp is in excellent condition considering its age, in our opinion. Cosmetically, there are some minor bumps & bruises on the thin factory installed covering(Tolex), but essentially this wear is limited to a few of the lower edges of the cabinet(PLEASE VIEW ASSORTED PIX).
  All of the lettering on the control panel is intact & is fully & clearly readable. The control panel itself is without any type of common oxidation or evidence of rust, which is generally quite prevalent on these amplifiers due to their age. Original gold toned "GIBSON" badge is 100% intact. This one is a gem! Possibly the cleanest(internally and externally) overall condition 1953 Gibson GA-40
combo amp that exists anywhere online at this moment in time. Sonically, IMO, I would put this up against any other comparable 14 W combo amp, & I believe our item would come out on top.
   This Gibson amp has recently had maintenance performed, while trying to maintain as much of its original integrity as was possible. We have had maintenance performed that was absolutely necessary to get this her into excellent sonic condition.

We had the following capacitors replaced;
2 .001
1 .01
4 .02
5 .05
Replaced 1 6v6 power output tube, and 1 6sn7 pre amp tube.
New foot switch wire installed.
New grounded power cable installed.
All pots were heavily cleaned.
The rest of the tubes & iron seem to be original. All amp electronics were cleaned and tested and the amp is in excellent working order and sounds like an absolute beast. The actual color of the covering is a bit deeper than what is represented in our pix, as the images were taken outside in the shade but with a blazing sun creating natural indirect lighting, so the colors are not as faded as they appear in our images. Work was performed by and under the guidance & supervision of James Nicholls, proprietor of  JWN Audio, Custom Audio & music reproduction fabrication & technical repairs, located at Barracks Trading Post, in Maple Shade, NJ.


   This equipment is immediately ready to perform & will give someone many years of enjoyment. Great for many types of ones' amplification needs. Obviously, this is being sold as is, with no implied warranties or guarantees of any kind whatsoever.  

 If the buyer wishes to continue to upgrade this amp, that is entirely up to them. The transfer of ownership occurs when the buyer pays for this item. Upon buyer's receipt of item, seller will no longer be held liable for any defects, electronic problems or any other issues regarding this item.

    Since this is vintage, fragile electronic amplification equipment, our normal return policy DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS ITEM! It cannot be returned to us. We accurately represent all of our items. If you have questions please feel free to contact us for an in hand description. Also, take a look at our feedback, which has accumulated for the past 22 years on the eBay site.

   This item is subject to any prior sales, either on another online venue or in our bricks & mortar store. If you have any interest in purchasing this equipment, please feel free to make us an offer. We're full time general antique dealers and negotiating is a large part of our business. Just sayin'......  
   This amp needs to be picked up locally at our physical bricks and mortar shop in downtown, historic Collingswood, NJ 08108, 10 minutes from all of the Philadelphia, PA bridges. If you require shipping, please contact us separately and we may be able to work something out for you.

This listing has been approved by our beloved namesake/mascot/chief of shop security, Ace, our 11+ year old red & white beagle.

If you're considering this unit, THIS IS THE ONE TO OWN!


  As always, thanks for looking & reading, & we truly hope that you did take the few minutes to read the description.