Antique 1920's Comic Cartoon Jiggs Folk Art Painted Wood Character Toy Figure

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Antique 1920's Comic Cartoon Folk Art Painted Wood Character Toy Figure Jiggs

An Antique hand carved and painted folk art piece depicting who we believe to be the comic character Jiggs from the Bring up Father series, c.1920. Solid wood composition is painted with bright tones to present the standing figure. Seen resting both hands on hips, the character has a stern look on his face as he smokes a cigar and wears red, yellow, and grey attire.

Piece measures 8 1/8" Long x 4 1/4" Wide x 5/16" Thick.

Condition: Good. The shape shows a slight horizontal bow. The painted finish shows some horizontal cracking but is pretty consistent throughout, missing only a few specks around some of the outer edges. Wood "scrapes" evident on the top of the head and the bottom of the shoes. Intact, without cracks or splits.