Antique Alfred Barye Bronze Pheasan Bird Pen Holder Sculpture Figurine Signed

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Antique Alfred Barye Bronze Pheasant Pen Holder Sculpture Signed

Item being offered is an antique signed bronze pheasant pen holder scuplture made by the famous French sculptor Alfred Barye. This piece was crafted sometime during the 1800's and is in beautiful condition. Alfred Barye was born in Paris, France, on 21 January 1839, the son of Antoine-Louis Barye. He learned his craft of animalier sculptor under the watchful eye of his father who was one of the original pioneers of animal sculpture in the mid-to-late 19th century.

Height: 4.5" inches
Length: 8" inches
Width: 1.75"inches

Condition: Excellent ; minimal if any signs of wear. Color and details are clean. No damage to be noted.

Pheasant Pen Holder
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