Antique Art Nouveau Barbour Footed Silver Plate Victorian Bride's Basket 19thC

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Antique Art Nouveau Barbour Footed Quadruple Silver Victorian Bride's Basket Late 19th Century

 Late 19th Century, Art Nouveau .

Pre-Owned. Hartford, CT. $100.

Material; Quadruple silver plate over nickel alloy.

Size: 8.25”W x 3.25”H

Brand: Barbour Bros Co, Hartford CT

Color: Silver

Condition: Very very good. I do not see any loss of silver on this fine basket. This is an antique, pre-owned item.

Please refer to the pictures for details.

Barbour Bros was founded in 1881 in Hartford, CT. Quadruple silver plate is a 0.012” thick layer of silver, 4 times the typical 0.003” layer.

Barbour silver wedding basket
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