Antique Jugendstil Nouveau Walking Cane Top WMF Alpaca Silver Ebony Shaft 1900

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Antique Nouveau Jugendstil Walking Cane Top WMF Alpaca Silver Ebony Shaft 1900/WMF/Württembergische Metallwaren-Fabrik/Jugendstil Cane Top

For sale is a RARE top half of an antique art nouveau Jugendstil walking stick cane top with an ebony shaft and an alpaca silver handle. The handle still shines to show off the vertical lines and tapestry designs on the handle with an art nouveau floral Jugendstil design on the top of the handle. The handle is marked with "Alpacca" and "OX" (heavier silver plating) along the bottom rim with a WMF “Württembergische Metallwaren-Fabrik” maker's mark.

Jugendstil canes made by WMF are very rare, When perfect they can fetch $1000-$1500.

The piece is approximately 10 1/2" in length.

Condition: This item is being sold as-is (broken). You are receiving the item as pictured; the top half of a broken antique walking stick. The piece has some light scratching on the wood shaft and the handle has some wear and scuffing on the metal. Please see photos as an extension of our written description.

Alpace Silver Cane Piece