Antique French Horn Ed KRUSPE Single F Model 4029 E-flat US Quarter Master Corps

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Rare Antique French Horn Ed Kruspe German Single F Horn  Model 4029 with Alternative E-Flat Crook US Quarter Master Corps

Silver plated keys. This was owned by a professional musician. 

We started to clean it up and polish it for you so you will see how beautiful it will clean up!.  

Comes with analternative E-Flat crook

Made in Germany. There are dings and bends, expecially on the end of the horn. Can be restored. Selling as is. We do not have a case. 

Aprox. 1900-1915

String linkage


Model “4029”. Also marked "US Q M C "

From an Ebay'r

"The "U.S.Q.M.C." engraved on the instrument indicates that it was originally ordered by the United States Quarter Master Corps, which purchased all the supplies for all branches of the US military. Your horn was purchased for use by a US service band. This marking is very common on instruments purchased for the armed forces from the late 1800s through the post-world War One era. Later on, instruments were marked with the branch of service, i.e. "USN" for the US Navy. 

Kruspe horns are outstanding instruments, and their full-double F/B-flat horns still command quite high prices on the open market. The single-F models do have a following with players who are also collectors. "

We are not musicians and not experts. Please ask all questions. We can always send you more pictures if needed. We did not play it, as we can't!

NOTE: we are estimating the box size! We probably can make the boxs smaller and save money on shipping. We will not know until we pack it.

4L 8z

24H x 18W x 14 D
2stkd 3.0s

French Horn
Double Horn