Antique Limoges France Sweet Peas HP Porcelain Dresser Vanity Perfume Tray 1880s

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Antique Limoges France Sweet Peas Hand Painted Porcelain Dresser Vanity Perfume Tray

Offered here for your consideration is a beautiful example of a Limoges, France hand painted sweet peas,  leaves and vines porcelain vanity perfume tray. It has an unusual, irregular edge outlined and designed in gold gilt. All hand painted in wonderful detail. Factory made, not a  student painted blank.

The tray is in excellent condition. It dates from approximately 1880- 1890's. I could not determine all the letters on the back to decipher the brand. Looks like four letters starting with a K.

Measures approximately: 9 1/4" W x  6 5/8" H x 3/4" Deep

Excellent condition except for a small flake of gold leaf off one curved edge. There is also a dried spot of paint in yellowish gold on the rim. Looks original to manufacture. They do not is anyway diminish the beauty of the dresser tray!