Antique Victorian Plateau Vanity Mirror Beveled Perfume Display Silver Tray 10”

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Antique Victorian Plateau Vanity Mirror Ornate Beveled Round Display  Perfume Vanity Silver Plated Tray 10”

We are offering an antique Antique Victorian plateau mirror, measuring 10” in diameter. This piece is a beautiful vanity  tray with scalloped beveled glass, great for jewelry, perfume bottles,drinks or anything someone would want to display. This piece is the perfect addition to any collection.

Leather/ material bottom. Raised legs on the bottom.

Very good to excellent condition with no chips or cracks. Some minor surface wear.  Great for it's age! There is some discoloration to the silver plate on the bottom of the tray, as to be expected with the age of the piece.




Miscellaneous- Deco Plateau Mirror no pics on grp