Lenox The Nativity Collection Boxes 13 Pc Holy Family 3 Kings Animals Creche Porcelain 1988

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Lenox 1988 Porcelain The Nativity Collection Boxes 13 Pc Holy Family 3 Kings  Animals Manger Creche

We are offering this 13 piece Nativity set by Lenox from it's    collection which is in almost perfect condition.  
 Comes with it's original Lenox boxes and certificates.  There is also a great furniture quality walnut wood manger, and a light.

Has been in protected indoor storage since purchased in 1988, rarely used. This original edition was issued in 1988 and
is a prized collection. Simple and elegant bisque porcelain. The intricate carved details on these porcelain pieces is eye catching.

All the pieces have their boxes. There are 5 boxes. Three pieces go in each box, each piece has a top and bottom of fitted foam. The creche is large and is in  a stand alone box which will be shipped separately. From a local estate. Creche is wooden cherry color which looks to be walnut.  It measures approx 17.5 inches high and 25 inchs wide.  It disassembles for a smaller creche. It is "furniture quality". There is a light that is included to hang from the top.  All comes in original boxes.

Includes very rare retired pieces such as the kneeling camel. This full collection is very rare and a collector's prized possession. 

WITH BOXES!! Excellent condition. Set was rarely used. A few pieces have some issues- The shepherd is missing fingers, Wise man's hand is re-glued,  the glue has yellowed, one spot of glue on his robe, Joseph is missing a part of his staff. Please scroll down the listing  after the text to see all the pictures!

Included in this nativity set are:

Baby Jesus- 3 1/2" wide 

Mother Mary- approx 5 1/2" High

Joseph- approx  7 1/2" High

King/Wiseman -standing approx 8.25" tall

King/Wiseman-kneeling approx 5.75" tall

King/Wiseman -presenting a gift approx 6" tall

Kneeling ox approx 5.75" wide

Shepherd Boy with lamb on shoulder stands approx 6.75"

Shepherd Boy kneeling approx 5" tall

Kneeling Camel  approx 8.75" wide 5.25" tall

Standing Donkey  approx 4 1/2" 5.25" wide

Sheep /lamb approx 2.25" wide

Wood Manger with 2 extensions - 17.5 " high x 25 inches wide


 bubble bx

creche bx 14L  (23x19x14)