Vintage Analog 1967 Maestro/Gibson G-2 Rhythm ‘N Sound for Guitar~Near Mint

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Vintage Analog 1967 Maestro/Gibson G-2 Rhythm ‘N Sound for Guitar~Near Mint

   Offered for sale in this listing is a classic piece of effects wizardry that has been used by guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix and even contemporarily by modern day hip-hop legend Childish Gambino, Ludwig Goransson, 
and Che Pope, who made a documentary featuring this awesome device. This 54+ year old piece of musical history is in excellent working condition and is in great, almost new cosmetic condition. Quite possibly, this is in a museum caliber state of condition, but we're calling it excellent, not almost mint or mint condition, as we truly do not like to use those vastly overused terms as states of condition. With the plethora of assorted knobs and switches, you could spend plenty of time coming up with your own unique, original guitar tones. This lot includes the Maestro G-2 effects unit, the original Samsonite case (also in excellent+ condition), the original footswitch pedal, and the original 2 prong(ungrounded)power cable.  SEE OUR QUICKIE DEMO VIDEO featuring the inimitable Gary James Jackson! -

The Knobs:
Input Sensitivity, Percussion, Bass, 4 Trebles (Volume, Tone, Wow-Wow Speed, Echo Repeat Speed).

The Switches/Rocker Tabs:
Power, Cancel, Bongo, Brush, Tambourine, Clave, String Bass, Natural Amp, Fuzz Tone, Color Tones 1, Color Tones 2, Wow Wow (Maestros' name for Wah-Wah, which had more than likely already been copyrighted by Vox), & Echo Repeat.

Serial Number: M-8228.
Made by Gibson, INC, in Lincolnwood, IL, USA.

Highly sought after, RARE, vintage ANALOG guitar effects unit.
Features original case, hard wired heavy duty original power cord, footswitch and a copy of the schematics sheet.
Input, output, and footswitch input on front face of effects box.
All original control knobs and switches are fully intact and functioning.
We've included a reprint of the original schematics sheet with the effects unit.

 This device is in excellent, actually near mint, pre-owned working condition. The 1960's colors include red(or orange), powder blue, yellow(chartreuse), white and black push tabs, which are still very vibrant with the addition of chrome, black, white, and silver accents. Everything is in excellent, working order. There are some light scratches along the black finish on the sides of the unit. The graphics are still easily readable and are crisp. The original Samsonite case is in excellent condition and all latches function easily. See our photos and demo video for specific condition and hear how this puppy operates.

   The dimensions of the device are approximately 13 3/4" long x 7 5/8" wide x 3" high and weighs 8 lbs,5.6 oz; the Samsonite case measures 15" long x 12" wide x 5" high and weighs 3.938 lbs; footswitch weighs 7.7 oz and the gross weight of the entire ensemble is 12 lbs, 12.5 oz.

This unit was just returned to us by our audio tech. The following items were completed:

  • Some of the faulty capacitors that were out of date were changed out to the proper values
  • Some of the interior wiring needed to be upgraded and or replaced
  • The entire interior was fully cleaned and is now free from any of the old residual schmutzick(a very technical term for DIRT) 
  • All rocker tabs/switches and knobs were cleaned inside and out and lubricated for ease of use
  • Footswitch was cleaned and the Samsonite case was fully cleaned
  • Unit operates obviously by AC current and there is a "Buss Mdl" 1/2 amp fuse mounted on the bottom of the effects enclosure.  
  • The only problem that we had encountered after purchasing this unit was the intermittent function/non function of the "Wow-Wow" feature, which we feel, in our most humble opinion, is the single, coolest sound effect that this Maestro box of magic can create, thus the need for our tech to fully inspect and repair this unit. All is well now, so she's ready for another 50+ years of service.
  • You might be lucky enough to find other examples of this incredible piece of Maestro equipment online, but you will not find another example in this specific condition. This entire lot is as close to "near mint" or better as there exists. These do not come up that often, especially in this state of condition.

   Obviously, this is being sold as is, where is, with no implied warranties or guarantees of any kind whatsoever. Since this is a vintage, very fragile piece of electronic musical gear, our normal return policy DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS ITEM! It cannot be returned to us. We package professionally & this piece of electronic effects equipment will be insured for its full valuation at our expense. We accurately represent all of our items. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us for an in hand description. Also, take a look at our website, Ellis Antiques et Bijoux. You may also wish to check out our feedback, which is currently over 15,000, and has accumulated for the past 23+ years on eBay.

  Shipping insurance is included. This electronic gear will be professionally boxed and shipped via USPS or FedEx. Or, this can be picked up locally at our physical bricks and mortar shop in Collingswood, NJ 08108.

  This equipment is immediately ready to perform & will give someone many years of enjoyment. Great for many types of ones' special sound effects needs. This could be a fine specialty piece for studio or live use for rock, blues, jazz, rhythm & blues, soul, classical, hip-hop, and experimental musical forms as well as for gigging, practicing, recording, etc. And, we're not biased, in the least! Obviously, this is being sold as is, with no implied warranties or guarantees of any kind whatsoever.

  If the buyer wishes to continue to upgrade this amp, that is entirely up to them. The transfer of ownership occurs when the buyer pays for this item. Upon buyer's receipt of item, seller will no longer be held liable for any defects, electronic problems or any other issues regarding this item.

  Please inquire regarding international shipping rates prior to purchase or making us an offer.
 This item is subject to any prior sales, either on another online venue or in our bricks & mortar store. If you have any interest in purchasing this equipment, please feel free to make us an offer. We're full time general antique dealers and negotiating is a large part of our business. Just sayin'......



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