Vintage Fenton Custard VASELINE Glass Uranium HP Footed Compote Bowl Ruffled Glow

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Vintage Fenton Custard Vaseline Uranium Glass Hand Painted Footed Compote Bowl Ruffled

Listed here is a custard vaseline glass compote bowl made by Fenton. Constructed in the 1970s, this glass features a smooth satin finish with hand painted flowers, a ruffled open top and a custard colored background. Under UV light this glass glows a neon lime green color of vaseline! Being quite heavy, this particular piece is also a fine example of the quality of Fenton.

 Measures 6” High x 6 3/8” in Diameter

Very good condition! No chips, cracks or crazing on either. Some smudges

Marked with two stickers: “Hand painted by Fenton” and Authentic Handmade Fenton”, signed underneath “Hand Painted by BwC.” See photos.

Weighs 1L 15.4 ounces (890 grams)