Vintage Marie Laurencin French Lady With Hat Print - Gauzy Veils Thoughtful 1928

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Rare Vintage Marie Laurencin French Lady With Hat Print - Gauzy Veils Thoughtful Woman 1928

Offered here is a a beautiful older, vintage print done by the famous French painter, Marie Laurencin.

Here is some history on her: Marie Laurencin was born in Paris in 1885 and attended the Lycee Lamartine until the age of twenty. There she eventually made the acquaintance of Braque, and through him at the Bateau Lavoir she met Picasso and Apollinaire, whose companion she was for several years.

Although surrounded in her formative years by Cubist painters, Laurencin created her own style of pale, airy works. Principally watercolors and pastels. They depict black-eyed faintly melancholy women-surrounded by gauzy veils, feathers, and flowers. The women look out vaguely at the world as Laurencin herself was said to do. Laurencin was very near- sighted, and this weakness may have caused her to omit details. She also painted flowery still lives and portraits of children, often with pet cats or dogs. Her palette was a simple one: black, white, cobalt blue, deep madder, ocher yellow, emerald green. She died in 1956.

Signed on the print "Marie Laurencin, 1928". Nice vintage oak frame. We did not bother to take it apart to see if it was pencil signed & numbered under the matte.

Frame measures approximately 23" wide and 26" high. Site measures 12.5" wide by 15.5" high.

Item is in excellent condition with no scratches or tarnishing.

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