Vintage Minolta X-700 Camera & 28mm f2 MD Fast Manual Focus Lens - Made in Japan

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Vintage Minolta X-700 Camera & 28mm f2 MD Fast Manual Focus Lens - Made in Japan

Here we have a Minolta X-700 camera complete with a Minolta 28mm f2 MD fast manual focus lens in great condition. The lens can be used on other compatible cameras, though some newer cameras may need a lens adapter for it to work. This is a great camera for veteran photographers that love old-school photo tools, or someone looking to get a feel of why this camera was in camera bags all around the world for nearly 20 years.

Basically we are selling you a great lens and we are throughing the camera in for free !

The Minolta X-700 was released in 1981 and was Minolta's top-of-the-line manual focus SLR camera. With the introduction of the camera's program auto-exposure mode (now a mainstay on all types of cameras), the X-700 became a mainstay of the camera market until its production ceased in 1999. Minolta is no longer around, but this camera is still sought after by collectors and photography enthusiasts around the world.

Condition: The lens has been inspected and has small specks of dust and a very faint amount of haze with no separation, mold, or fungus. The camera also comes with a camera strap as seen in the pictures.  The camera itself has some age wear along the plastic but looks great overall. Please look closely at the pictures provided as they are an extension of our written description.  

Minolta X-700 Camera
Minolta X-700 Cameras