Vintage Tobacco Memorabilia Winston Mint NOS Bridge Playing Cards Lot 24

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Vintage Tobacco Memorabilia  1960's Advertising Winston Mint NOS Bridge Playing Cards Lot of 24 

New old Stock!

Good  gift for a Tobaciana collector!

We are offering a lot of 24 vintage 1960's unopened packs of cards, measuring about 3.75” high x 2.5” wide x 0.75”deep  each. Each deck box is designed to look, from the front, like a pack of cigarettes. There are twenty-four Winston branded Hoyle bridge-sized decks coated in Corobex.

This lot was received from the estate of a sales representative who was working for RJ Reynolds Company would market his products with such ephemera. Great advertising! When smoking was still acceptable in our society.

This lot is perfect for any collection.

Note- shown is the Time magazine dated 1960 that was saved with the cards. If anyone is interested , please let me know. I only have 1 copy that was saved.

Mint condition- each pack is unopened and sealed.  Original kraft thin cardboard box. Cards are heavy! Outside box is as is. It is plain with no writing or design.


#10 or 7



Lot of Cards- Winston