Antique Chinese Qing Watercolor Painting Frame Pastoral Mountain Sgd Calligraphy

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Antique Chinese Qing Watercolor Painting Framed Pastoral Signed w/ Calligraphy

We are offering an antique Qing dynasty watercolor painting on paper, measuring about 53” x 27.5” in the frame. It depicts a classical scene of an official or scholar seated under a tree and entertained by three women playing instruments. In the top left is a poem ending with a seal.

I was told that the painting is an old Chinese folk tale/ poem. Something about a young girl going up in the mountains, peaceful  thoughts, to play music, etc.

Glass framed with engraved wood in brown and gold leaf.

This piece is the perfect addition to any collection. Big and impressive! Almost 6 feet high! With a wire for hanging on the back.

This work of art is well worth the shipping costs! It is outstanding!

Since Fedex and UPS have been breaking our items lately, this cannot be shipped!  The painting can be picked up at out store in South Jersey, Collingswood, NJ 08108, near center city Philadelphia. There are a few antique transport companies that we also use. If this has to go to the West Coast, figure $1000-1400 . East coast and up to the center of Texas (draw a line up to the states above) should be $300-550. Sorry. The price of gas has increased the cost!

If you would like to call and get a price yourself- tell them it is 53" H x 27.5" W, 1" deep. Weighs about 19 lbs, wood frame, glass .  You can try the auction for a price on Uship. ( Just remember to add extra dimensions & weight for packing- maybe make the overall measurement 60" H by  34" W, and 28 lbs  for uship)

We can bubble wrap it for you, the shipper has to provide blankets or probably may want to crate it for shipping to the West coast.  

This work of art is well worth the shipping costs! It is outstanding!


Painting Box Large x2


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