Antique Japanese Hakata Gosho Ningyo Palace Doll Clay Man Figurine Original Box!

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Antique Japanese Hakata Gosho Ningyo Palace Doll Clay Man Figurine Original Box!

Antique Japanese Hakata Gosho Ningyo palace doll, c1900s, from an unidentifiable Japanese artist (red logo on front of box, picture 9). Body composition appears to be either clay or gofun and is white/pale in color. Doll/figurine takes the appearance of a large-headed man, dressed in several layers of hand-painted clothing. Top layer shows a thick, brown, vest-like piece accented with several sections of white and gold fringe. A light-blue, draping sleeve, robe-like article is decorated with colorful symbols and metallic silver checkered display. A gold hat on the doll's head is threaded with a rope for hanging. The doll's right hand is up around nose-level and fitted with a round hole that gives a separate wooden shaft a place to rest. Two similar solid clay material water pales balance on each end of the wood piece. Unmarked purple-painted underside. Wooden box has a sliding front piece decorated with several black Japanese characters.

Measures 5 3/4" High x 5 1/4" Wide x 3" Deep.

Very good despite some cracking and light surface/color wear. Item may have had some touch-ups over it's lifetime as there are a few tiny sections of darker than original paint (evident on front tip of brown vest and on back of light blue base). Minor surface scuffing seen on the doll's temples. A crack runs diagonally across the doll, from the right side up towards the mid-section, directly over the facial nose (pictures 10-15). This issue is tight and very difficult to notice unless right on top of piece. Sturdy, heavy feel to the piece. Original wooden box/case is in excellent condition.

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