Antique Native American Hopi (?) Pottery Vase Hand Turned Painted Southwest Rare

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Antique Native American Hopi (?) Pottery Vase Hand Turned Painted Southwest Rare

We are offering an antique hand turned vase, most likely from the Hopi tribe, measuring about 4.25” high x  4" wide. This piece is painted with a beautiful repeating design about the circumference in brown and rust red color. Rounded bottom. Beautiful polished cream base color.

We believe to a really old piece of Native American pottery. I was told it was from the 1800's. 

Hopi potters draw on a tradition going back centuries. The ancestors of the Hopi made gray utility ware as long ago as A.D. 700. The ancient potters developed black on white styles, black on red, and finally polychromes. In the late 1800s, outsiders began to appreciate the artistry of Hopi potters. This new demand sparked what has been called the revival period for Hopi pottery. The ancient potters passed their skills on to succeeding generations, many of whom are Hopi potters today. Although First Mesa is the most well-known for its pottery, Hopi potters can be found throughout the Hopi mesas. All authentic Hopi pottery is handmade by the coil and scrape technique. Hopi potters do not use a pottery wheel or make mold-poured pottery. They use the same techniques as their ancestors, hand-painting the designs with yucca leaf brushes and using natural materials provided by their environment. The pots are then fired in open firing areas.

This piece is the perfect addition to any collection.

Good condition. There is a thin crack that curls up the sides from the base and has three chips along the seam of it. Please see the pictures. With the age of this vase, we would expect to see this.





Round Hopi Vase