Antique WWII US Militaria N Africa Trench Art Operation Torch Ring 1944 Oram 10

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Antique  WWII US Militaria North Africa Trench Art Operation Torch Ring 1944 Oram 10 WW2 US Army North Africa Veteran

Vintage WWII Trench Art ring made to commemorate the involvement in North Africa

This vintage ring, etched Oran Africa 1944, is a treasured piece of history from from the Operation Torch in World War II. Unisex ring features a unique design that showcases the bravery and heroism of the soldiers who fought in North Africa. Crafted with intricate details, this ring is perfect for collectors who appreciate the value of historical memorabilia.

 was an Allied invasion of French North Africa in World War II that took place from November 8–16, 1942. The operation was a compromise between the British and American world leaders, who wanted to avoid a premature invasion of Europe at this early stage of the war. The operation's goal was to:
  • Relieve pressure on the Soviet Union
  • Impair Axis forces in the region
  • Enable an invasion of Southern Europe in 1943
  • Allow the US to begin its fight against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy on a limited scale
  • Decide the fate of Vichy France

This signet style ring has engraved designs on the front marked "Oram 1944" .

This ring is a size 10 and is in great condition! I think it was a pinkie ring or Sweetheart souvenir ring. 

 The face of the ring measures 1" by 3/8". Stunning workmanship in this piece of military jewelry.

Excellent condition