Challenger Amplifier Co. Model CH8 Converted to Custom 8-Watt Guitar Amp Head

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Challenger Amplifier Co. Model CH8 Converted to Custom 8-Watt Guitar Amp Head 

 This is a seriously unique piece of equipment for your gear collection! This was originally a Model CH8 PA (Public Address) amp by the Challenger Amplifier Company, New York 12, NY, that was modified by our amp tech into a customized 8 watt guitar amp head. Our amp tech loves working with all things tubes and this was a passion project of his on our behalf. This can get LOUD for a small amp and has a surprisingly gritty tone, especially when dimed. Can be used with a multitude of different speaker cabinets.

   The mic input was replaced with a ruby jewel cover to let you know the amp is on once you engage the power knob on the far right. Plug in your guitar to the phono plug and use  the first knob for volume (mic) and the second knob for tone (phono). The tone selector knob has been replaced with a switch for either a normal or bright tone setting.

  This is an 8-watt, single-channel guitar head that was custom built. It uses 6L6GC or 6V6 power tubes. The 6sj7 socket is a dummy socket but it can hold a spare power tube to make it very simple to swap out different power tubes to use. The speaker outputs are on the back of the chassis.


2 x 6V6 Tube (One is RCA and one is Westinghouse)
1 x 6L6 Tube (General Electric)
1x 12AX7 Pre-Amp Tube (Mesa)

SPECIAL PACKAGING NOTE: All tubes will be removed from the amp and packed/shipped separately to insure safe arrival. This is our standard packaging procedure. Depending on space in the box for the amp, you may receive a separate parcel just for the tubes.

Head dimensions (including tubes) are approximately : 11" wide x 7 1/8" tall x 7" deep.

Approximate weight of the head is 8 lbs 10 ounces.

   We have had maintenance performed that was necessary to get this amp into excellent playing condition. All power supply capacitors were replaced, all tubes were tested and the power tubes were biased. Also, all of the electronics were cleaned and tested and the amp is in 100% complete working order. Check up & maintenance was performed by our esteemed friend & incredible electronics technician James W. Nicholls, proprietor of JWN Amplification & Electronics, located at Barracks Trading Post, Maple Shade, NJ.

   There is some slight edge wear & assorted scuffs & corrosion in assorted spots. The majority is on the rear of the chassis housing, mainly on the right upper corner. Absolutely no effect on the sonic capabilities of this custom build.
Please see photos for specific cosmetic condition.


  This equipment is immediately ready to perform & will give someone many years of enjoyment. Great for many types of ones' amplification needs. This could be a fine amp for rock, blues, jazz, rhythm & blues, soul, as well as for gigging, practicing, recording, etc. And, we're not biased, in the least! Obviously, this is being sold as is, with no implied warranties or guarantees of any kind whatsoever.

   We have had repairs performed that were necessary to get this amp into excellent playing condition.
If the buyer wishes to continue to upgrade this amp, that is entirely up to them. The transfer of ownership occurs when the buyer pays for this item. Upon buyer's receipt of item, seller will no longer be held liable for any defects, electronic problems or any other issues regarding this item.

    Since this is vintage, fragile electronic amplification equipment, our normal return policy DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS ITEM! It cannot be returned to us. We package professionally & this unit will be insured for the full valuation at our expense. We accurately represent all of our items. If you have questions please feel free to contact us for an in hand description. Also, take a look at our feedback which is currently at 15,000+ & has accumulated for the past 22+ years on the eBay website.

    Please inquire regarding international shipping rates prior to purchase or making us an offer. This item is subject to any prior sales, either on another online venue or in our bricks & mortar store. If you have any interest in purchasing this equipment, please feel free to make us an offer. We're full time general antique dealers and negotiating is a large part of our business. Just sayin'......


***Any & all shipping, insurance charges, taxes, etc will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.***


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