Gorgeous Antique French Cloth Gre Poir 18" Doll C1930 Adorable Lenci style

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Gorgeous  Antique French Cloth Gre Poir  18" Doll C1930  Adorable Lenci style 

We are offering here an all original, what we believe to be an all original French cloth doll. From a nice Ebay'rs emails, we were told this is Gre Poir.

Great expression on her face with her eyes going to the right, Flirty eyes. All cloth molded face, body , arms and legs. Cute pouty mouth.

Head turns easily. Arms and legs are jointed and move easily. Hair is blonde and messy. Not sure, but the hair may be real or mohair. Soft to the touch. Held down with a double layer bright yellow and bright cobalt blue felt wide brimed hat. Ribbon
on hat is a yellow and orange felt.

Dress is stiff organza with appliqued felt multi

colored flowers.

Orange dress also has great embroidery. Features a 4" embroidered penguin along with black & red detail. Hem has white felt and has a red and black chain stitch hand
embroidered all around the bottom.

Tunic (underclothes) are yellow with lace on each leg. Has woven socks. No shoes.

Socks tied on with white ribbon that has deck of card symbols, black spades, red diamonds, etc

The head leans to the right and moves back and forth a bit. Not sure if it was originally made to do this!

We consider the cloth to be pretty clean. Some discoloration to the face, mainly on the cheek and chin. Some moth holes on the hat, leaves on the dress and hem. A stitch or two missing from the hem. A few specs of holes to the organza on the dress.
Please see all pics. If you need any more detailed pics, please let us know.

We are not doll experts. If you have any information, please email us. This doll came from a local estate. Sold as is.