Paul Gottlieb Weber 1852 Antique Oil Painting End of Summer Landscape PA Germany

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Paul Gottlieb Weber 1852 Antique Oil Painting End of Summer Landscape PA Germany

Dark and inviting, the oil painting we are offering by Paul Gottlieb Weber, is  lovely to look at and draws you in. Representing the end of summer, beginning of fall, the light at the end of the day streams through the trees  and  illuminates the lake and  people on horseback , trotting down a  dirt path.  The right lower foreground depicts a couple rowing a row boat back to shore . The focal point features a small bridge over the pond/  lake body of water. A very peaceful and tranquil scene. A long day with the crisp air of fall just beginning and the first leaves look to be turning to a red-orange hue.  What a wonderful memory is invoked.

The painting is of Upper Darby, Delaware County Pennsylvania in 1852.

Paul Gottlieb Weber (1823 - 1916) was active/lived in Pennsylvania, California / Germany.  Paul Weber is known for Landscape, portrait, animal and still life painting.

Frame measures approx. 28.5" W x  23.5" H x 1.5" deep. Painting measures approx. 24.5" W x  19.5" H.

On the back is a label that states  the painting was "restored and repaired by  Hannah Mee Horner, July 1936, Upper Darby, Pa" and in pen on the wooden back , "Paul Weber, 1852" The wood on back looks like it was added to protect the painting  in 1936.

The gold leaf frame dates to 1936, when it was restored. The brightness of the painting depends on the amount of light and different types of bulbs.

Excellent condition. The note on back states the painting was restored in 1936. Some mirror dings on the frame.  Normal age related crazing and mild wear. Please see our original photographs and use them as an extension of our written description

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