RARE Antique Erotic Erotica Vintage Erotic Ebony/ Wenge Wood Carving Male Female Fertility Totem Figurine

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Antique Erotic Erotica Wood Carving Male Female Fertility Totem European? Oceania? Pacific Island?



We are offering a vintage erotic erotica wood carving. This piece may have served as a fertility totem, or as a depiction of a couple in an embrace. It is most likely carved from dark wood- Ebony or wenge, and depicts a man and woman engaged in erotic acts. 

Has some weight.  The style of the hair does suggest Pacific Islander, etc.

5.25" H x  2.5" W x 1.5" deep

Not sure which country this comes from? Europe or Africa??


From a collection a local  estate. Each piece has a hole drilled on the bottom. Perhaps to display it. Will not stand up by itself.


This piece is the perfect addition to any collection.


Excellent condition with no cracks, scratches, or repairs. There is some white dust on the piece, which is a product of the carving process.







Very Good Friends- Ebony Pair